The 7 PRC Joins the Bergara Lineup

August 31, 2023.

The 7 PRC Joins the Bergara Lineup

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By: Michael Herne

Bergara officially welcomes the 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge to our Wilderness Series rifles and B-14 Squared Crest. Over the last year, we have watched the 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge (7 PRC) gain traction as a preferred hunting cartridge, especially among western hunters, where long-range shots are more common. We already offer the 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC in several of our rifles, so adding the 7 PRC was a no-brainer. 

We here at Bergara have always had a great working relationship with Hornady and several other ammunition manufacturers. Bergara was one of the first production rifle companies to offer 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, and 300 PRC. So it only made sense for Bergara to adopt the 7 PRC.” Said  Bergara’s Director of Technical Development, Dan Hanus. 


What is a Precision Rifle Cartridge? 

The Precision Rifle Cartridge, as we know it, is a cartridge with a 30-degree shoulder, minimal body taper, and a case, action, and throat length that are compatible with high ballistic coefficient (BC) bullets for the caliber and twist rate. The major benefit of the PRC is flatter trajectories and more aerodynamic bullet flight. Designing these rounds to be more aerodynamic with fast twist rates helps reduce the biggest challenge in long-range shooting, wind drift while maintaining a manageable recoil.  

“The PRC family of cartridges, 6.5 PRC, 300 PRC, and 7 PRC, has dropped the belt, instead relying on the 30-degree shoulder for head spacing. With today’s modern technology in gaging, the headspace can be controlled off the shoulder, making the headspace tighter and essentially controlling the bullet jump to the rifling or lead.” Hanus says about the PRC family of cartridges. 


The Benefits of the 7 PRC Cartridge

Precision and performance in the realm of long-range shooting often depend on the perfect balance between a cartridge’s design and its real-world applications. The 7 PRC meets the expectations of many of its users for all of the above. Let’s explore the key benefits of the 7 PRC and understand why it’s gaining popularity.

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Ballistic Efficiency

The 7 PRC is optimized for long-range shooting. It offers a flatter trajectory than many other cartridges in its class, largely due to its efficient design. When paired with high Ballistic Coefficient (BC) bullets, shooters can expect decreased wind drift and increased accuracy at extended ranges.


Superior Velocity

Compared to other 7mm cartridges, the 7 PRC provides consistent high velocities, which translates to improved energy retention and bullet performance downrange. This ensures the bullet has enough energy to provide a humane and swift kill on big game, even at extended ranges.

“There are three loads available from Hornady—the 180-grain ELD Match at 2975 fps, the 175-grain ELD-X at 3000 fps and the 160-grain CX Monometal,  just over 3000 fps. The cartridge makes a great option for the hunter, especially if you plan on hunting long-range or the terrain your hunting dictates it,” says Hanus. 



The 7 PRC is suitable for both hunting and precision shooting. Its terminal ballistics make it effective for taking down a variety of game animals, from deer to larger animals like elk. Simultaneously, its consistency and accuracy make it a favorite among target shooters. 


Modern Case Design

The 7 PRC boasts a design that mitigates many traditional cartridge issues. It has a slightly longer case than the 6.5 PRC, allowing it to handle longer, high-BC bullets without seating them too deeply into the case. This ensures optimal bullet performance and consistent powder burning.

“Another benefit of the PRC cartridge is the fact that it’s non-belted. Under recoil, the belted cartridges can move in the magazine, internal and detachable alike. When feeding the next cartridge, the top cartridge can get hung up on the belt of the cartridge below. You can push through that belt hang up and feed the next cartridge, but it’s not smooth as the 7 PRC.” Hanus said about the difference between belted and non-belted cartridges. 


Reduced Recoil

Despite its power and range, the 7 PRC offers manageable recoil, especially compared to other magnum cartridges. This makes it a preferred choice for shooters who want performance without the punishing shoulder kick.


Factory Support

Major ammunition manufacturers have recognized the 7 PRC’s potential and offer various factory-loaded options. This ensures that shooters don’t always have to hand-load to get the best performance, making the cartridge more accessible to a broader range of shooters.


The B-14 Squared Crest & The Wilderness Series are the first rifles in Bergara’s lineup to off the 7 PRC. Learn more information here.

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