Cure Carbon Barrels only

The experts at Bergara have found the cure to the carbon barrel problem. There’s no longer a need to compromise performance for weight. Bergara has solved the issues of getting steel and carbon working together, both mechanically and thermodynamically, by introducing CURE™ Carbon Barrels (Patented).

These barrels contain a center wrap carbon weave that is designed to align directionally true to the center of the barrel’s bore. Utilizing Bergara’s proprietary Cold Bore Technology™ (Patented), CURE Barrels weave continuous stainless-steel strands into the carbon fiber to conduct heat away from the chamber and down the barrel efficiently and consistently. This technology results in a reduction of overall barrel temperatures by an average of 50 degrees.

We’ve cured the dilemma of impact migration between cold bore and subsequent shots as barrels heat up. While controlling heat and mating proprietary carbon and steel, our focus is on the essentials of straightness and stiffness for consistent performance, round after round. CURE Barrels bring new levels of accuracy and performance to ultralight, precision rifles.


With a reputation for accuracy in our history of barrel manufacturing, nothing was compromised during the development of CURE Carbon barrels.

Our singular focus has been to drive innovation and bring you the best shooting experience possible. It’s time to drop the weight, without sacrificing performance!

CURE Carbon Barrels

Carbon barrels have been notorious for trapping heat… until now.

With patent-pending technology wrapped around a Bergara precision barrel, CURE Carbon Barrels bring new levels of accuracy and performance to ultralight, precision rifles.

Using our proprietary Cold Bore Technology, we are able to reduce the chamber temperature much faster, helping you stay on target for that next shot!

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