REVIEW: BERGARA BMR – “This handy, accurate .22 is wonderfully suited for both hunting and competition.” – Tyler Freel

April 29, 2024.

REVIEW: BERGARA BMR – “This handy, accurate .22 is wonderfully suited for both hunting and competition.” – Tyler Freel

Tyler Freel over at Outdoor Life recently got his hands on a Bergara BMR Carbon in 22lr.  He was able to put the rifle through its paces and showcase why the BMR is a great 22 rifle for plinking, hunting, or anything in between. Check out some of what he had to say about the rifle below!


The Bergara BMR Micro Action

“Externally, the Bergara BMR action looks like a shortened B-14 action, which is essentially a Remington 700 clone. LIke the B-14 Ridge, it has a knurled, oversized bolt handle, but it doesn’t appear to be removable on the BMR.  The outside of the receiver does a great job of mimicking the centerfire’s looks, and even uses a similar bolt release latch on the left side of the receiver. The bolt shroud, cocked bolt indicator, and safety are all like they’d be on the B-14 Ridge.

Atop the action is a nice one-piece Picatinny scope base that narrows above the ejection port. It has 30 MOA of elevation built into it to aid those who want to really stretch the .22 out in competition. Internally, the trigger appears to be a Remington 700 pattern single-stage trigger. It’s user-adjustable, but I had no need to fudge mine away from the 2-pound, 10-ounce break it came set at.”

Shooting the Bergara BMR Carbon in .22 LR

“Through quite a few trips to the range, I found the BMR to be a pleasure to shoot. It was quite the relief from pounding away groups from larger caliber rifles, and the smooth little action functioned well, even in sub-freezing temperatures.”

“I recorded 39 5-shot groups at 50 yards with the BMR carbon, using six types of ammunition, both with and without a suppressor. Overall, the rifle averaged a group size of 0.928 inches, with the best 10 groups averaging 0.515 inches. The most accurate ammunition was some old Remington Eley match, which averaged .577 inches over 6 un-suppressed groups.”

Final Thoughts on the Bergara BMR Carbon

Overall, the BMR does a great job of fulfilling its promises while remaining attainable for many shooters. I’m not blown away by the rifle for the price, but those dollars are aptly justified. For anyone who wants a super-accurate, handy .22 that feels a lot like their hunting rifle, or isn’t overtly tactical, this is a great option. It could be a great gun for getting through the door into precision rimfire competition, without sacrificing utility.

You can read the full article by Tyler Freel here: Bergara BMR Carbon .22 LR, Tested & Reviewed

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