Several years ago, our company was able to acquire an incredible piece of property in Belt, Montana. With 22,000 private acres, just outside of Great Falls we’ve been able to put our rifles, as well as ourselves, through all the rigors that the Big Sky Country affords. Starting in 2018, we’ll be inviting select groups to share in our little piece of paradise. We are calling it “The Bergara Academy.” Here, in a high-altitude shooting environment unlike any other, we’ll put you through intense training sessions that will elevate your long-range shooting skills. All courses and events are taught by professional instructors, with detailed and hands-on instructional applications specifically tailored to the desires of the group. You’ll train on a number of world-class ranges with animal silhouette targets woven into the natural environment at ranges over 1,400 yards. Accommodations will be provided by our very own Belt Mountain Lodge. All packages also include the use of Bergara rifles, ammo, meals and on-site lodging. Packages can also be further customized to include any number of other exciting activities, including prairie dog shoots on private grounds, world-class trout fishing, and more.

Bergara ACADEMY 1


3-Day Precision Rifle/Long Range Hunter event: …………………………….. $1895

Available dates for the 3-day classes are: June 11th – 13th (SOLD OUT), July 6th – 8th (SOLD OUT), and July 10th – 12th (SOLD OUT)

3-Day Advanced Precision Rifle Level II or Advanced Long Range Hunter Level II event: ………. $1895

Available dates for the 3-day advanced classes are: June 7th – 9th*. Please contact us for advanced class info and dates.

*Attendees wanting to attend the 3-Day Advanced Precision Rifle Level II or Advanced Long Range Hunter Level II Course must first complete the 3-Day Precision Rifle/Long Range Hunter Course. Attendees are welcome to complete the previous week’s class to qualify.


Academy attendees have the option of adding additional days to their stay to include fly-fishing or prairie dog shooting.   

Full day prairie dog shoots are +$500/day and include the rifles, ammunition, a ride on the “P-Dog Getter” school bus set up for shooting.  Fly fishing is +$550/day (2-person minimum) and includes a professional guide with a drift boat with all equipment and is conducted on the world-famous Missouri river.   

Dates and availability are subject to confirmation prior to booking.

Guests should plan to arrive the day before their class starts, after 3:00 PM, unless other arrangements have been made. They can plan to depart the evening after the last day of their shoot if desired, but normally most will leave the next morning by 10:00 AM. Transportation to and from the airport will be provided by Bergara.

Cancellation Policy: We strongly recommend travel insurance for all of our students. If you have an unexpected circumstance that causes a cancellation of your hunt or trip, Bergara Academy will not refund your deposit or any money paid. A travel insurance policy is the solution. Most plans are a small fraction of the cost of your trip. We do not endorse any particular travel insurance company, but an option to consider is





Bergara ACADEMY 2


3-Day Precision Rifle/Advanced Long Range Hunter course …………………. $1895

This course teaches the student basic fundamentals in long rifle shooting at distances out to 1000 yards. Some of the topics taught will be.

1.      Firearms Safety
2.      Rifle Design and Construction
3.      Basic Marksmanship Fundamentals
4.      Scope Theory and Adjustments
5.      Positional Shooting
6.      Effects of Wind
7.      Range Estimation
8.      Care and Cleaning
9.      Basic Ballistics
10.    Understanding Mils
11.    Range Estimation Utilizing Mils
12.    Rapid Bolt Manipulation Drills
13.    Engaging Targets out to 1200 yards

3-Day Advanced Precision Rifle Level II or Advanced Long Range Hunter Level II …………………. $1895

(In Addition to the 3-day course curriculum)

1.    Advanced Ballistics
2.    Multiple Target Engagements
3.    Effects of Wind and Weather
4.    Shooter/Spotter Dialogue
5.    Cold Bore Shots
6.    Advanced Mil Dot Training
7.    Engaging Targets out to 1500 yards
8.    Understanding Mirage
9.    Hold Over vs. POA POI
10.    Understanding Ballistic Data

In addition to these courses offered Prairie Dog shoots can be incorporated into the 3-day courses as well.

Bergara ACADEMY 3