Accuracy Testing

Bergara rifles brought in for accuracy issues will be:

  1. Inspected, cleaned, lubed, headspaced
  2. Have action screws torqued to the proper setting of 55 in/lb.
  3. Recrowned (if crown appears damaged)
  4. Sent to an outdoor range to be shot for accuracy. All centerfires are tested at 100 yds. All rimfires are tested at 50 yds.

Shooting procedure:

  1. High quality optic will be mounted to eliminate scope as a variable (Nightforce NXS 5x22x50mm, or Swarovski X5i 5x25x56mm)
  2. Gun will be boresighted, zeroed, then allowed to cool.
  3. Gunsmith will fire (2), 3 shot groups, each from a cold bore.  Supported by a front and rear bag only (no lead sled, no fixtures) using ONE of OUR recommended loads.
  4. If both groups measure smaller than 1 MOA, the gun passes. If neither do, the gun fails.  If only one passes, a third group will be shot.  If 2/3 groups are sub MOA, the gun passes.  The best target will be labeled and sent to the customer if it passes.
  5. If rifle fails, the replacement rifle will be accuracy tested before being sent out.

Note: We cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of anybody’s handloads.  If a gun comes in for an issue, and it is tested with the ammo we have for testing, and it passes without any hangups, we have every reason to believe the issue has either been corrected by our gunsmiths, or that the issue was stemming from the customer’s choice in ammo that is beyond our control. We do our best to maintain consistency in everything we do, especially testing. However, there are demand spikes in the ammunition market that do affect everyone’s ability to purchase ammo, including ours. Our recommended loads are intended to be a helpful tool to get you started in the right direction, but we do occasionally have to use other loads for testing when can’t find the ones we want.

Recommended loads:

.223 Remington- Hornady 55 gr VMAX, Hornady 75 gr. BTHP

.243 Win.- Hornady 100 gr. Interlock

.270 win- Nosler 130 gr. Accubond

7mm-08-Hornady 120 Gr. SST

7mm Mag-Norma 156 gr. Oryx, Hornady 162 gr. ELD-X

.30-06- Barnes 168 gr. TSX, Hornady 178 Gr. ELD-X

.300 BLK- Hornady 208 gr AMAX

.300 Win Mag- Berger 185 gr Juggernaut, Norma 180 gr. Oryx

.308 win- 168 Federal Gold Medal Match, 175 gr. Federal Gold Medal Match, Berger 175 gr OTM

6.5 Creedmoor- Hornady 140 gr. ELD Match, Hornady 143 Gr. ELD-X

.44 mag-Hornady 300 gr. FTX

.35 Whelen- Hornady 200 gr. Superformance

6MM Creedmoor-Hornady 108 gr. ELD-Match

280 AI- Nosler Trophy Grade 140 gr. Accubond

.22-250 Rem.- Hornady 55 gr. VMAX, Nosler 64 gr. BSB

.450 Bushmaster-Hornady 250 gr. FTX

6.5 PRC – Hornady 147 gr. ELD-M

300 PRC – Hornady 225 gr. ELD-M

28 Nosler – Match Grade 28 Nosler 168 gr

BXR .22 – CCI Standard, Blazer 40gr LRN, Federal Gold Medal Target, Eley Match OSP, Avoid bulk ammo with coated projectiles

B-14R .22 LR/BMR .22 LR – Eley Tennex, Eley Match, Federal Gold Medal Ultra Match, Lapua Center X

B-14R .22 WMR/BMR .22 WMR – CCI 40gr

B-14R .17 HMR/BMR .17 HMR – CCI 17gr