Review: “Five New Hunting Rifles You Need to Stock”

February 14, 2024.

Review: “Five New Hunting Rifles You Need to Stock”

SSR Staff

In October of 2023 the staff of Shooting Sports Retailer wrote an article about five new rifles you should have, and the Bergara B14 Squared Crest came in at number one on their list. Below is some of their article.

“Designed for the Most Demanding Hunt

Bergara’s B-14 Squared Crest is a game-changer for hunters who seek an ultralight high-performance rifle. Crafted with outback hunting adventures in mind, it boasts a 100% carbon fiber monocoque stock for exceptional rigidity and strength. The 20- or 22-inch fluted 4140 CrMo steel barrel, threaded muzzle, and Bergara Omni muzzle brake ensure precision in every shot. Other features include a 90-degree bolt throw, cone-shaped bolt nose ejector, sliding extractor, and an AICS compatible detachable magazine.”

To read the full article written by: SSR Staff, click the link: Five New Hunting Rifles You Need to Stock | Shooting Sports Retailer