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Embark on an unparalleled shooting experience at the Bergara Academy, now with two premier locations. Our Belt Mountain Lodge near Great Falls, Montana and Queen Mountain Ranch in Evanston, Wyoming provide the perfect backdrops for refining your long-range shooting skills.

Our courses, conducted by seasoned professionals, offer hands-on, detailed instruction tailored to the unique preferences of your group. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes as you train on world-class ranges featuring animal silhouette targets strategically placed at distances exceeding 1,400 yards.

All-inclusive packages cover the use of Bergara rifles, ammunition, delicious meals, airport shuttle, and on-site lodging.

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3-Day Beginner Long Range Hunter Course:


This course teaches the student basic fundamentals in long rifle shooting at distances out to 1000 plus yards. Some of the topics taught will be:

  1. Firearms Safety
  2. Rifle Design and Construction
  3. Basic Marksmanship Fundamentals
  4. Scope Theory and Adjustments
  5. Positional Shooting
  6. Effects of Wind
  7. Range Estimation – working with rangefinders and electronics
  8. Care and Cleaning
  9. Basic Ballistics
  10. Understanding Mils vs. MOA
  11. Rapid Bolt Manipulation Drills
  12. Engaging Targets out to 1200 yards
  13. Shooting in realistic long range hunting situations
  14. Using and understanding ballistics apps

Max Class size of 8 Students/ 2-3 Instructors

2024 MT DATES:


Please email [email protected] to get on the 2025 waitlist.

3-Day Advanced Long Range Hunter Course:


*Must complete the 3-Day Beginner Long Range Hunter Course in order to take the advanced course.

Max Class size of 8 Students/ 2-3 Instructors


[email protected]




Guests should plan to arrive the day before their class starts, after 3:00 PM, but before 5:00 pm (due to orientation) unless other arrangements have been made. They can plan to depart the evening after the last day of their shoot if desired, after 5:00 PM, but normally most will leave the next morning by 10:00 AM. Transportation to and from the airport will be provided by Bergara.

Cancellation Policy: We strongly recommend travel insurance for all of our students. If you have an unexpected circumstance that causes a cancellation of your trip, Bergara Academy will not refund your deposit or any money paid. A travel insurance policy is the solution. Most plans are a small fraction of the cost of your trip. We do not endorse any particular travel insurance company, but an option to consider is


Bergara Academy MT attendees have the option of adding additional days to their stay to include fly-fishing or prairie dog shooting.   

Full day prairie dog shoots are +$500/day and include the rifles, ammunition, and transportation.  Fly fishing is +$700/day (2-person minimum) and includes a professional guide with a drift boat with all equipment and is conducted on the world-famous Missouri river. Fishing will include a shoreline lunch. Fishing licenses will need to be purchased upon arrival to the lodge.

Classes require a 50% deposit to reserve your spot and remaining balance due 30 days prior to arrival date.  

Dates and availability are subject to confirmation prior to booking.


*Photos shown of Bergara Academy MT Lodge


Bergara Academy will provide the following gear & equipment:

-Wilderness HMR Carbon 6.5 Creedmoor with optic, suppressor, bipod & rifle case

-Ammunition & magazines

-1 Spotting scope & tripod (per two-man shooting teams)


-Chronograph & Scope leveling tools (Advanced Course)

-Range finder


-Torque & Allen wrenches for zeroing

-Shooting mats & tables

-Shooting sticks

-Rear shooting support

-Range Chairs

-Chamber safety flags

-Rifle logbook

-Clipboard & pencil

-Course binders

-Range & D.O.P.E. cards

-Water/Gatorade & food

-All necessary rifle & optic cleaning supplies


Students are encouraged to bring the following personal items:

-Personal safety glasses & hearing protection


-Day pack

-Note-taking material




-Warming layers for cool & windy days


Chad Schearer 

Chad is the on-site manager and lead instructor for Bergara Academy in Belt, MT.  Chad has been with the parent company of Bergara for over 27 years and has been with Bergara as Director of Advertising and Media Relations from the start.  He has a wealth of information and loves sharing it with the Bergara Academy students.  During the class Chad and the crew focus on the latest gear and technology to help shooters attain and understand principles and disciplines to make them better shooters.  Chad is also a certified NRA instructor. Chad grew up hunting and fishing in the mountains of Montana. He has been an outfitter and guide for the last 30-plus years. Chad has a passion for calling in elk and has won every major elk calling competition in the United States and is a World Champion, along with being a 2-time Eastern US champion.  Chad has hunted on 5 continents and extensively around the world. Besides hunting, Chad is an advocate for wildlife conservation and is on the board of directors for the Mule Deer Foundation and past chairman. Chad is also a life member of the NRA. Chad and his family host the award-winning television show Shoot Straight.

Marsha Schearer

Marsha is the logistics coordinator, booking specialist, and head chef for the Bergara Academy in Belt, MT. Marsha loves the mountains of Montana but grew up in the hills of Tennessee. She jokes she was hunting for a husband, and now she hunts with her husband.  She has been a licensed Montana Guide for over 25 years. Marsha enjoys getting new hunters involved in the outdoors and also sharing tips on how to cook wild game as she host’s Shoot Straight’s “Recipes from the Field.” Marsha was the first lady to be put on the Bergara pro staff and has hunted and fished around the world from New Zealand to Africa and many destinations in between.  As she says, “Shoot like a girl, try to keep up!”

Walker Schearer

Walker Schearer is an assistant instructor specializing in long-distance and practical positional shooting. Walker is also a certified NRA Instructor. In 2022 the Schearer’s expanded their family with Walker marrying Breanna.  She loves the outdoors and joins in on the adventures. Together they enjoy their business, Big Sky Bird Dogs where they train multiple breeds of hunting dogs.  Breanna is also a part of the Bergara Academy support staff and is a great addition to the team.  She helps in many ways and also Breanna has a “huge” love for chickens and provides farm-fresh eggs which are used daily at the lodge. Walker Schearer grew up following the family business of hunting and fishing around the world.  He started at age 3 and has been an avid outdoorsman ever since. Walker has been a licensed Montana guide for four years and the executive editor and head videographer for Shoot Straight TV.  When he’s not behind the camera you’ll find him enjoying the sport as much as anyone else. Walker loves to fly and is a licensed pilot. He has his Commercial rating and is a Certified Flight Instructor.  He has a great love for fly fishing and has waded waters from the High Arctic to South America and many places in between.  He has also been a licensed guide in Alaska.

Wyatt Schearer

Wyatt Schearer is an assistant instructor and specializes in long-distance shooting and technical shooting techniques.  Wyatt is a certified NRA instructor. Wyatt loves to hunt with his family, especially his “financé, Keely”.  She has hunted in Montana and Africa with him. The Schearer family is looking forward to adding another daughter to the mix.  Keely has been a part of Bergara Academy since Day 1.  Keely helps with logistics, cleaning, food prep, and anything you might need.  She holds the title of being the champion Dutch Blitz player at the lodge. Wyatt Schearer spends much of his time in the outdoors between hunting and rodeoing. Wyatt started elk calling at a young age and has won numerous elk calling competitions. He has taken several elk with his rifle and bow and has been a licensed Montana guide for 3 years. Wyatt enjoys turkey hunting and completed his turkey grand slam at age 11. When he isn’t hunting you will find him scouting and searching for new ground to hunt on along with taking care of predator control, too. Wyatt is very passionate about his horses and loves team roping. He spends hours roping and riding while competing at rodeos. Wyatt spends his winters roping and training in Arizona and the rest of the year in Montana teaching long-range shooting and competing professionally as a PRCA cowboy.