Travis Tracy



Willis, TX



“I grew up hunting and shooting my entire life and started plinking with .22’s at cans when I was a kid.  I’ve always enjoyed spending time with friends and family.  I’ve spent more days than I can count blowing off steam and shooting/hunting at our property or Deer Lease, and I’m lucky enough to have a wife and two beautiful girls that I get to share all the things I grew up doing with.  I’ve been shooting PRS/NRL since fall 2020 and it has without a doubt made me a better shooter in so many different ways and truly has become a passion of mine.”


What led you to competitive shooting?

I’ve always been curious about it but me, my father-in-law, and his brother went to a match in San Antonio to observe and we were hooked ever since!  It really is an amazing community to be around and a part of.


What are your favorite calibers to compete with?

22LR and 6mm Creedmoor


What is your go to Bergara model for matches?

Custom B14r .22 and the Premier Competition in 6mm Creedmoor.


What is the number one piece of advice you would share with a new shooter?

Ask lots of questions!  I wouldn’t be anywhere close to the shooter I am today without all my friends and fellow shooters at matches giving me advice and tips.


What two pieces of gear, other than your rifle, are most important at matches?

Great glass is critical so I use the Athlon Cronus BTR and I can’t live without my Wiebad Bags.


What is your favorite part about representing Bergara?

The willingness to help other shooters, the camaraderie and support.  They truly are just great people to be around.


Any other sponsors?

Athlon Optics, Lapua/SK ammo, R&B Arms, Anarchy Outdoors, Bullet Central/ Bix n Andy, Wiebad, Prajekt13.