aaron michaud



Aaron Michaud



Ponca City, OK



Aaron grew up in the rural mountains of western Maine where the enjoyment of shooting and hunting started at a young age. Now residing in OK with wife Jodie and two sons Shane & Trevor he came to enjoy the challenges and fine details of precision long range shooting. He’s employed as the Electrical Superintendent for the utility company and owns the shooting supplies company A&J Sporting Llc.


What led you to competitive shooting?

I grew up hunting and always enjoyed shooting. Previously had competed in Rodeo and after no longer competing in rodeo I began to miss the competition. I took my enjoyment of shooting and desire to compete and started absorbing all that I could about precision shooting and competing at matches.


What are your favorite calibers to compete with?

.22 LR & 6.5 CM


What is your go to Bergara model for matches?

B-14R steel barreled action in a PDC Customs chassis


What is the number one piece of advice you would share with a new shooter?

Keep an open mind and open ears starting out and set personal goals for yourself at each match that are achievable with progression.


What two pieces of gear, other than your rifle, are most important at matches?

My optic and a solid stable bag.


What is your favorite part about representing Bergara?

The ability to meet so many amazing people both within Bergara and throughout matches.


Any other sponsors?

A&J Sporting, Athlon Optics, Wiebad bags, Head Hangerz