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Travis Schmitter



Danville, KY



Travis started shooting competitively in 22LR 50 yard benchrest matches. Through that he met new friends that convinced him to give NRL22 and PRS rimfire a try. He was hooked immediately and now travels to matches to shoot and meet new friends weekly.


What led you to competitive shooting?

Always enjoyed shooting and competitive sports. Showed up for the sport but stayed for the friends.


What are your favorite calibers to compete with?



What is your go to Bergara model for matches?

B14-R in Masterpiece Arms BA chassis


What is the number one piece of advice you would share with a new shooter?

Have fun and dryfire often.


What two pieces of gear, other than your rifle, are most important at matches?

A solid bipod like a Accu-tac BR4 and my Wiebad tater tot. This pair makes any shooting position rock solid.


What is your favorite part about representing Bergara?

The team aspect and friends made. Representing a company I believe in that does so much for the shooting community.


Any other sponsors?

Athlon optics, Wiebad, A&J sporting, impact data books, Black Sheep Firearms