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Darron deBoer



Gardner, KS



Growing up as a farm kid instilled a deep love for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors in Darron. Many thousands of rounds of 22lr were expended punching holes in tin cans and stalking the native rodent population. In college Darron was introduced to centerfire long-range precision competitions which rekindled my passion for firearms. Fast forward a few years and Darron began competing in the local NRL22 club matches with the Free State Precision Plinkers. Besides competing in NRL/PRS-style rimfire matches Darrons “free time” is spent with my wife and children, bow hunting deer, turkey hunting, collecting antique reloading equipment, and learning to love my fellow man.


What led you to competitive shooting?

I was introduced to competitive shooting by a college friend and was immediately hooked by the sense of community and support.


What are your favorite calibers to compete with?

22lr, 6.5 Creedmoor


What is your go to Bergara model for matches?

Bergara B14R


What is the number one piece of advice you would share with a new shooter?

Slow down, put all your focus into the shot you are about to take, and have fun!


What two pieces of gear, other than your rifle, are most important at matches?

My Athlon Cronus scope and Wiebad support bags


What is your favorite part about representing Bergara?

My favorite part of the Bergara team is the awesome sense of community and the support from all levels of Bergara associates.


Any other sponsors?

Athlon Optics, A&J Sporting LLC, Wiebad, L3I Design Solutions, Notch Gear, and Great Plains Guns