Our ambassadors team is made up of great Bergara gun enthusiasts who exemplify the values of hunting through their digital profiles. These are the ambassadors of Bergara.

joe edlington bw

Joe Edlington

New Zealand

With a vast expanse knowledge of hunting and guiding background, he is very familiar with all types of wild game, and what his beautiful homeland of New Zealand has to offer.

lewis macfarlane bw

Lewis Macfarlane

United Kingdom

Over 27 years of experience working in many different areas of the firearms community, he has a vast knowledge of firearms industry, field sports, wildlife management and conservation.

manon passavy bw

Manon Passavy


Starting off at a young age she quickly grew into hunting with her dogs which has always been a family tradition of hers. She’s also passionate about nature, animals and photography.

Alex R opt

Alexis Rousseau


Stalking deer and small games while learning from his father made him truly passionate about the outdoors and the ethical aspect about hunting.

Javi Martinezbw1

Javi Martínez


Javi Martínez grew up on a farm in his home country of Spain and developed an early interest of hunting through the teaching of his father, understanding the balance of nature.

rafa carrillo bw

Rafa Carrillo


Rafa was always passionate about hunting, his experience in managing wildlife have gained him much respect in Spain. He also managed to win two Spanish Championships, and he earned the title of Master Shooter.

Jonas Photo bw

Jonas Ohlendorf


Jonas Ohlendorf grew up in a small village in the countryside near to Hanover, Germany. From there, he had developed a strong drive and interest at a very early age for nature, conservation and hunting.

martin bw

Martin Bie-Erichsen


From the solo hunts chasing birds with his hunting dog to the roe deer hunting, providing organic meat for his family and friends was one of the best decisions he made.

Instinct Tact Photo web bw

Instinct Tactique


Instinct Tactique is a French tactical shooting team, training and bringing professionals together to help develop and sharpen their shooting skills in various tactical situations.