6 apps hunting shooting 1

6 useful Apps you should know


Author. Rafa Serret       Editor: Al Louangketh Technological advancement in the hunting and shooting industry have persuaded millions to…

bergara wilderness ridge 300 prc

Bergara B14 Wilderness Ridge .300 PRC: Rifle Review


Keith Wood from Petersens hunting magazine reviews the Bergara Wilderness Ridge .300 PRC Whether you are familiar with the Bergara name or…

B14 Rifle Cleaning

Rifle Care, Maintenance, and Storage


Author: Aaron Ryan   Editor: Al Louangketh As a hunter, sport shooter, and a moderator for the Bergara International Facebook group,…

Deer Stalker

Understanding the Role of a Deer Stalker


Author: Lewis Macfarlane   Editor: Al Louangketh While many parts of Europe and the world are in “lock down” due to…