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This edition of only 50 units is oriented to African hunting, providing great power, versatility and precision. The Reserva Edition contains the chromatic range of the great Spanish reserve wines and one of the most famous and preferred calibers for game reserves in Africa, the .375 H&H. From this coincidence in the Spanish words for reserve wine and African game reserves, comes the name “Reserva”. The B14 magnum action and flute bolt and carbon steel rail complete this classically styled set, elegant and perfect for its purpose. A luxury version, for the most experienced hunters, in the most demanding terrains and a guarantee against the most dangerous top 5 games.

The RRP of this rifle is 1.250 € + VAT


Limited Edition with Special Purpose

With a special marking of a buffalo, one of the undisputed protagonists of African hunting, together with the number of the unit, they give us that point of exclusivity and specific purpose of the rifle. A unique piece designed for hunting large game species on the African continent and other remote places in the rest of the world.

limited edition reserva bufalo
limited edition reserva culata

Monte Carlo Wooden Stock

A Monte Carlo style oil-rubbed walnut stock with natural field firing action. Wine-colored with front and rear sling attachments. An elegant and sophisticated stock with classic styling.

Precision Barrel Action

The barrel of this rifle has a 21.2 mm contour of carbon steel and a length of 24 inches (61cm). It is a long, heavy, floating barrel that provides reduced vibration for unparalleled accuracy. It is finished in dark bottle green Cerakote, which completes the set and adds a touch of elegance to the rifle. The barrel is finished with metric M18X1 thread.

limited edition reserva rail lateral

Carbon Steel Rail and open sights

It includes as standard a 0 Moas steel rail for mounting scopes and red dots ideal for this type of hunting. With a Cerakote finish to match the barrel. Open Sihts are included in the set.

Caliber .375 H&H

The old-school .375 H&H caliber is always among the majority of choices for this type of hunting. An excellent caliber for its versatility, high power and less recoil than other big calibers, that allows close and mid-range shooting while guaranteeing maximum accuracy. A very powerful caliber, ideal for animals with tough skin.

limited edition reserva full



.375 H&H1:1221,2 mm3.7 kg115 cm (45.5")61 cm (24")M18X11.250 € + VAT
.375 H&H61 cm (24")Carbon Steel1.250€ + VAT