Javi Martínez

Bergara Ambassador


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Javi Martínez grew up on a farm in his home country of Spain surrounded by nature and the many variety of wildlife roaming nearby. He got introduced into the hunting world at the age of 5, accompanying his father as much as he can and developed an early interest through the teaching of his father, understanding the balance of nature and learning to respect the flora and fauna at a very young age.

When he turned 17 years old, he decided to dedicate himself entirely to the world of hunting and started filming documentaries about hunting and showed the working effort of what hunters have been doing to help educate the many that are unsure about the roles of today’s hunters as conservationist in managing the wildlife and its habitat.

His dedication and passion is expressed through his amazing video contents related to the hunting industry (documentaries, advertising campaigns, photographs, etc.) to show the different aspect about hunting around the world, at the same time acquiring a lot of knowledge and skill as a film-maker. He has more than 8 years of experience as a film-maker, filming hunts and other projects throughout Spain and abroad.

If he’s not out filming hunts, long-range target shooting and bow-hunting is his other passion. He is an avid bow hunter and spends a lot of time practicing on those skills related to archery and long-range shooting. He is a serious hunter and a professional in the trade of film-making related to the hunting and shooting industry.

His respect for nature, extensive knowledge and skills in the industry has definitely caught our attention. We welcome Javi Martinez to our Pro Team family, his experience and knowledge will help our brand and team move forward to the next level.

You can follow Javi Martinez on his social media account to check out some of his great contents and follow along on his adventure.