mochila caza bergara takedown

Bergara Premium BA13 Take-Down Rifle Pack


This padded backpack has been specially designed to carry the Bergara BA13 Take Down rifle model, but it is compatible…

The Bergara Barrelled Action


As any competition shooter will tell you, achieving natural point of aim through the correct balance of your precision rifle,…

Hunting Tahrs in New Zealand


The rest of the rifle (PREMIER ELEVATE IN 6.5 PRC) and my position feel solid, and even if the distance…

The Bergara BMR, the bane of the Grey Squirrel


Like most vermin shooters, I really enjoy a day of hunting the grey squirrel.

Mochila de caza Bergara

The Bergara Daypack 35l


One of the most important pieces of hunting gear for me is a proper backpack. I bring more than an…

The Bergara B-14 Extreme Sporter Viper Western


The Viper Western rifle is a true eye catcher, and not just because of the unique camo pattern and Coyote…

Capercaillie hunting with a B14 Wilderness HMR


Late in November the Capercaillie starts feeding on pine needles. During this time many hunters change from shotgun to rifle…

Bolsa de tiro Bergara 20L


Made from high-quality materials like 600D polyester, this tactical bag offers ample storage space for all your shooting and equipment,…

The Bergara Double Gun Case


What do you look for in a gun case? I want something that protects my rifles, is built to last…

Crop protection with a B14 Extreme


Every spring a threat comes flying in from the south towards Norway. A threat that comes earlier every spring and…