Martin Bie-Erichsen

Bergara Ambassador


Martin Bie-Erichsen grew up around the vast untouched natural area that surrounds Oslo in southern Norway, close to Nordmarka. At a young age, his dad took him and his older brother out fishing quite often for trout, which sparked his interest in the great outdoors.

His grandfather in Denmark was the only hunter in his family at the time and would take him out hunting and trapping on the farm and would inspire a passion for hunting.

At the age of 14, Martin knew he wanted to take the hunting exam, and years later he finally convinced his father to follow to join him. Pretty much Martin just needed a driver to drive him around, so who better to have then his dad. They both passed their hunting exam and began a new adventure that would change their lives forever.

Hunting opened up a whole new world for him and his family, his older brother joined a few years later. Trout fishing was soon old news as hunting took up most of their time. Hunting grouse and capercaillie is where it all began. Hunting with dogs has always been something he valued, but it’s from the solo hunts chasing birds with his hunting dog that he acquired his own knowledge about hunting the Norwegian forest and learning as much as he can along the way.

Later on in his early hunting career he bought his first rifle and decided to try roe deer hunting. Hunting evolved to be something more than just the hunt. The social aspect of it all, as well as providing organic meat for his family and friends was one of the best decisions he made.

Martin is a proud member of our Pro Team and we welcome him and his experience to help push our brand into the future.

You can follow Martin on his social media account.