Both of our series B14 and Premier share a Rem700®. Platform. In either case we have rails specifically designed for each series.


From the factory it comes adjusted to about 1.3kg approx. The regulation range is between 1.2kg to 1.7kg and is adjusted depending on the date of manufacture of the rifle, disassembling the stock or in front of the trigger on the trigger guard.

All bolt action rifles are SUBMOA precision tested and guaranteed. This test consists of a series of 3 shots with commercial lead ammunition in our interior gallery of 100yds. BA13TD and semi-automatic B15 are around 1MOA.

If we do not have it available for immediate delivery, you can calculate with a delay of 2 to 4 weeks from the confirmation of the order.

It is difficult to recommend a specific ammunition. In general, commercial ammunition performs very well with our rifles.

Carefully read the specific section on running in the B14 instruction book. Although the rifle comes well-adjusted from the factory, it is advisable to clean it more regularly during the first 40-60 shots.

No, unfortunately is not possible to regulate the trigger in our Take Down models.

Unfortunately, too many things are out of our control to accurately assess what is going on with your rifle. Negligence caused by improper use will be outside the official guarantee. Do not hesitate to contact our technical service.

There is no need to worry, it is an injected part and the flat parts are necessary for demolding. In 2018 we improved these caps with a different metallic material (MIM instead of ZAMAK) adding more resistance for users who recharge the caliber 6.5 Creedmoor.


Unfortunately, not. We have an extensive catalog that offers many configuration options. For customizations please contact your trusted gunsmith.

Currently not. Our workload prevents us of being able to dedicate time and attention to this type of work.

We cannot directly reduce the length of the barrel. We offer a wide selection of models with different barrel contour and lengths. If you need to shorten a barrel, consult your trusted gunsmith.

The current health situation does not allow us to receive visits.

Yes. Our rifles are based on the Remington 700 platform, any compatible trigger is also compatible with the B14, B14 Wilderness, B14 Extreme, B14R and Premier series.


Yes. The trigger guard and charger of our B14 are compatible with all calibres except 6.5PRC and 300PRC.

Unfortunately, the Take Down is a detachable, non-interchangeable barrel rifle, so legally we cannot supply barrels of different caliber.

Our usual sales channel  for Firearms are through gunsmiths or distributors. You can place your order through any of these channels.  For accessories or branded gear you can place an order in our web store.

There are many parameters that take into account to specify an exact distance such as, the shooter´s ability, the ammunition (commercial or reloaded), the wind,…. What we can assure is an accuracy of less than one MOA at 100 yards.


Unfortunately not, but there are different options… .:

+ Buy additional chargers for prompt replacement.

+ The floor-plate versions always have 1 additional cartridge capacity compared to the removable magazine version. There are conversion kits to floor-plate.

+ Adapt the trigger guard of our HMR type AICS. We sell them as accessories, with them we access chargers of 3, 5 or 10 units. Requires the work of a qualified person. Consult your trusted gunsmith.