The Bergara Daypack 35l

Mochila de caza Bergara
June 20, 2023.

The Bergara Daypack 35l

Alexander Reese

One of the most important pieces of hunting gear for me is a proper backpack. I bring more than an average amount of gear to the field and having a good way of storing it all makes a big difference. In addition to that, a comfortable bag is a must for those long hauls in rough terrain.

Build quality and comfort

I am tough on my gear. My gear are tools that enable me to perform the task at hand, whether it is packing into a difficult spot or being out in the field doing photography work. The Bergara Daypack, which is in stiff competition for the class, has surprised me a lot. Build quality is excellent, giving a premium feel. It is made from 1000D PU 1000mm polyester fabric, rendering it very resistant to scuffs and tears, and YKK zippers make it quiet to use. Worth mentioning is the very solid hanging strap, leaving no doubts about hanging the bag from a tree or tripod for extended periods of time.

The daypack is very comfortable to wear. Shoulder straps are padded without being too bulky, and the waist and chest straps make it further comfortable and secure. An aluminum frame at the back, combined with a mesh-panel, provides airflow and increases rigidity of the whole bag. I have found no situations where the bag pinches in any way, and it does not shift around while using it, regardless of the load.

Features of the Daypack

This is a feature-rich daypack. Multiple internal and external pockets mean you do not run out of places to store gear. Two external side pockets convincingly store a large suppressor or big water bottle or use a bladder in its own pocket, which comes in handy for longer hikes. There is a waterproof internal pocket for things you do not want to lose, like hunting licenses and maps.

The front has a well made laser cut MOLLE system. Combined with the 3 compression straps, you can securely strap down a rifle or tripod or use the supplied net to further increase storage options. The rifle carry system easily carries both a Bergara Scout (BA13) and B14 HMR.

Size and weight

On the larger side for a daypack, I have grown to love it, as I often find bags to be on the smaller side for my use. 35L (2135 cubic inch) capacity comes in very handy. I can fit my Sony camera with a large telephoto and smaller lens, water, food, a sweater and miscellaneous gear with no issues. I would have no problems living from the bag for a couple of days. There is one large easily accesible main compartment, but it would have been useful with a smaller second compartment as well. The bag has a great size for an extended hunt, which can render it somewhat large for a quick outing. However, the compression straps can tie everything down nicely, reducing the physical size of the bag and making it nimbler. This increased usability is a big plus.

Overall thoughts

This daypack surprised from the get-go and continues to grow on me. The option of modulating the “volume” of the bag by using the compression straps is immensely useful, and the overall impression of the bag gives a premium feel. The option of storing your rifle on the bag is also a fantastic feature, freeing up both hands. I was surprised how easy it felt carrying even the B14 HMR, which did not shift around at all. This daypack has quickly become my go-to bag, and I look forward to bringing it to the field again and again.

About the Author

Alexander Reese is a Bergara Rifles International Pro Team member from Denmark. He is a passionate hunter that cherishes his love for the great outdoors through his photography in his native country of Denmark.

Instagram: @alrp_hunting