The Bergara BMR, the bane of the Grey Squirrel

July 3, 2023.

The Bergara BMR, the bane of the Grey Squirrel

Like most vermin shooters, I really enjoy a day of hunting the grey squirrel.

After a week of topping off the feeders and having already set up the hide the evening before I arrived on the estate a little after 3am. I quietly sipped my coffee while taking in the early morning birdsong, signalling dawn approaching, before stowing the flask in my pack and grabbing my rifle, the Bergara 22lr BMR, micro rimfire and heading out to the hide.

Once in the hide with my tripod set up, 5 and 10 round magazines loaded, with rifle made ready I settled into my chair to await the squirrel’s morning debut. I wouldn’t have to wait for long.


A short wait for success

The forest soon teemed with life and as the hide was setup 50 yards from the feeder, situated a meter off the ground, I had a perfect view.

The first squirrel ran up the branch leaning on the feeder and stood right on top of it. I had contemplated taking the shot but noticed a few more squirrels on the ground picking up peanuts that had fallen off the feeder.

I quickly positioned the easy handling BMR, took aim, safety off and gently squeezed the trigger, with the “pfft” sound of the suppressed subsonic shot followed quickly by a distinct “thump”, a squirrel dropped.

Remarkably the rest of the squirrels didn’t bolt for the trees. I quickly racked the bolt, loaded a second round into the chamber and sent it hurtling towards the next squirrel. With a second one on the ground, the others at this point realised something was wrong and bolted for cover. I recovered the shot squirrels and returned to the hide. Hunting with a rimfire adds to its own excitement.


BMR – Specs

The BMR is also available with a carbon fibre barrel option to help reduced the overall weight and available in a few other calibre options such as .22 Mag and .17HMR. The model I was hunting with is the carbon steel eighteen-inch model chambered in .22LR.

Action: BMR (Bergara Micro Rifle)

Barrel: Carbon blued steel

Caliber: .22LR

Twist: 1/16’’

Barrel length: 18” (.22 LR)

Weight: 5 lbs to 5.5 lbs depending on caliber

Length: 36” overall

Mag capacity: 5 and 10 round mags included

If you’re looking for a lightweight easy to handle rimfire rifles, look in to the BMR rifles. It’s available in steel or carbon.

About the Author

Lewis Macfarlane is a deer stalker based in the Northwest region of England and the border area of Scotland. He is the Assistant Pro Team Manager, Senior Brand Ambassador and also a contributing blogger and Administrator for the Bergara International Facebook Group.

Lewis is a husband, father and British Army veteran.

You Tube: @lewismacoutdoors

Instagram: @lewis.mac.outdoors