The Bergara Double Gun Case

March 8, 2023.

The Bergara Double Gun Case

What do you look for in a gun case?

I want something that protects my rifles, is built to last and has all the functionality needed for expeditions in the wild and trips to the range. That’s why the Bergara Double Gun Case has become my rifle case of choice.

Built to last

Range days involve lots of gear, ammunition and often more than one rifle. Having a case that carries two rifles and all my ‘stuff’ makes any outing a pleasure.

The Double Gun Case is built to carry heavy rifles and boxes of ammunition so it needs to be tough. Manufactured from Cordura® it’s built to be lightweight yet strong and durable. YKK zippers and Duraflex buckles give added confidence. This is a quality rifle case, assembled with quality parts and to high manufacturing standards.

Yet quality does not only reside in the materials and workmanship. Quality also resides in the design, and this case is feature rich.

A pleasure to carry

The Double Gun Case has options. It can be carried in the hand, like a suitcase, using the padded handles. There is also a shoulder strap and, if you want to keep your hands completely free, there are additional straps and a chest strap on the reverse so you can carry the case on your back. This last is a great idea. How often have you found your walk to the firing point is a good distance away?

No matter how you choose to carry the double Gun Case, it’s guaranteed to be comfortable even when fully laden.

Photo 3

No matter what the terrain, the Double Gun Case is a pleasure to carry.

Capacity for your essentials and more

On the outside of the case are two voluminous pockets, separated by a wide laser-cut molle panel (I’ve attached a small IFAK pouch for emergencies to mine) below a Velcro panel for your favourite patches.

The pocket on the left has a wide zippered opening and inside there are four pouches with Velcro closures, which are perfect for magazines and ammo, and a large zippered mesh pocket.

The second exterior pocket also has an internal mesh pocket and three larger magazine/ammo pouches with Velcro closures. Behind these pouches is a wide neoprene sleeve. In the pouches of this pocket I keep the bolts for my rifles, spare bipod, ear protection and tools.

If I wanted I could fill both pockets on the front of the case with all my kit, making my backpack redundant, but I like to keep items directly related to my rifles in the case and all other kit in my backpack. You might choose to organise your carry differently and the great thing about this case is it provides you with that flexibility.

Photo 2

Laser-cut molle and Velcro panels to customise and make the case your own.

Why carry two cases when you can carry one

The main rifle compartments are accessed by two zippers that run along three sides of the case so that it can be opened fully. A high density foam panel separates the two compartments and additional foam sections completely enclose the rifles offering great impact protection for your beloved Bergara’s!

Each compartment comes with an adjustable molle strap system for securing your firearms and finding the perfect fit for two rifles.

In each compartment is a pouch with Velcro closures which I use for my moderators. At 130cms the case is long enough for all of the rifles in the 2023 Bergara line up, but you may need to remove your suppressor and this is what the pouches are for. It’s just one more example of the care and attention to detail that went into the manufacture of the case. It’s a well thought through design.

All the case you’ll ever need

Though I use the Bergara Double Gun Case on hunting trips its appearance and functionality lend themselves more to range days. I love the grey colour scheme.

This is not the case for taking your rifle on a flight, yet in the time I’ve had it it’s been scuffed across concrete and kicked about at precision rifle matches and each time my rifles emerge unscathed.

I feel like I’ll never need another rifle case again.

About the Author

Christian is Senior Ambassador to the Bergara Rifles International Pro Shooter Team. As well as a keen Precision Rifle competitor, Christian is the Media Officer for the Great Britain Precision Rifle Association and the International Precision Rifle Federation. Away from Precision Rifle, Christian likes nothing more than stalking the hills and dales for rabbits and the forests of Northern England for deer.

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