Crop protection with a B14 Extreme

November 23, 2022.

Crop protection with a B14 Extreme

Every spring a threat comes flying in from the south towards Norway. A threat that comes earlier every spring and leaves later every fall. A threat that grows in numbers. A threat against the Norwegian farmer’s crop that delivers significant economic losses. The dreaded greylag geese!

Well documented

Studies done in Norway shows that the greylag, if left to eat in peace, will eat up to 60 percent of the crop and can leave behind 100 kg of excrement per acre, that takes almost 2 months to disappear.  Rendering the crop useless for farmers. One greylag goose can eat 1 kg of grass each day.


Without management by hunter, economic loss will increase.


In Norway, farmers that can prove the damages done to their crops can apply for a license to shoot geese that are on their fields outside of the hunting season. They will receive a quota for how many geese they can shoot depending on how big fields they have and the number of geese they observe.

There are a few different solutions when it comes to scaring them off. Whether it’s shouting at them or shooting to scare them, sometimes these options don’t always work, and the geese returns within a few hours. However, both from research and from my own experience shows that if a goose from the flock gets shot, they stay away for a longer period. And for each time a goose gets shot, the time away from the fields continues to grow.

From own experience, shooting them has a greater effect on protecting farmer’s crop than scaring them. So, the solution is simple: Crop protection with high power rifles.


A rifle is one of the best tools for crop protection.

Know your rifle!

A goose is quite a small target to begin with. When you take aim at one from 250 meters through your scope, trusting and knowing your rifle is everything. When the manufacturer of your rifle gives sub-moa guarantee and you have been on the range and confirmed. You know it’s all up to the person pulling the trigger. And that is exactly what I stress the most to newcomers that I bring out for crop protecting.

extreme 3

Geese at longer ranges can be a tough target to hit.

A small target

As shown on the picture above. The two geese that is marked is where we aim for. Add the distance we normally take the shot, and you can imagine just how tough it can be to effectively take one out.

There is not much room for mistakes when you pull your trigger. The slightest movement of the barrel will almost guarantee a clear miss on a goose or damaged the meat.

extreme 4

The reward of a successful hit.

Quality game meat for everyone

Crop protection from geese provides some benefit. Quality game meat and an opportunity to extend the season and get some long-range training with your rifle prior to the deer season.  By coordinating with other local farmers, we also get the opportunity to fill up our freezers with some more geese for everyone, to include the farmers that allowed us to hunt on their fields.


Crop protection teaches the younger generations the importance of hunting and game management.


I have been protecting the crops with my B14 Extreme Hunter in .308 with great success up to 250 meters. I’m well impressed with how it performs at long ranges. Especially taking into consideration that the purpose for my rifle was for short range driven hunts with my dog Kira, or if we search for wounded animals.  The B14 Extreme is light and short, but deadly accurate!

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