5 Reasons You Should Get a BA13 Take-Down

June 15, 2022.

5 Reasons You Should Get a BA13 Take-Down

The first shot should be your most important one, especially when it comes to hunting. Knowing you only have one round at the ready really stresses the importance of making the first-round count. As hunters, we should always strive to make the first round go where it needs to go, especially when shooting with a single-shot rifle.

Single-shot hunters will learn quick about the importance of taking their time and making sure the game presents an opportunity that will provide a quick humane shot. You got one round, make it count!

I am a BA13 Take-Down fan! And I’m going to be straight with you all. This article is a little biased as I am a big fan of this little shooting system.

The BA13 Take-Down is a simple and compact shooting system that is easy to use and highly accurate.

The important advantage of the single shot is the compact size dimensions. With no additional weight added on like magazine or bolt system, single shots are lighter, shorter and have a compact profile that most hunters prefer, especially when hunting from a blind or a stand.

Let’s go over the 5 reasons I think the BA13 Take-Down single-shot rifle should be part of your hunting arsenal.

1. Great Rifle for Beginners

Loading a single round teaches you the importance of taking your time and really put focus on understanding the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and the importance of shot placement.

2. Simple and Easy to Use

Mechanically, a single-shot rifle is just a simple shooting system. It’s great for beginners. There is no magazine to feed, no bolt to operate, and loading and extraction is just a simple push and pull.

Loading and extraction is a simple process by breaking the action open with the trigger-guard lever.

3. Compact Shooting System

The BA13 Take-Down is available in three different barrel length. 16,5”, 18” and 20” inches. By keeping it under 20” inches, it’s an ideal rifle for those wanting to run suppressors.

The 18” inch version is only available in .300 AAC Blackout and .308 Win. This is due to some countries not recognizing 16,5” inch barrel length as legal for hunting. So Bergara offered the BA13 TD in 18” inch to give hunters that option to shoot those two cartridges in a shorter version other than the 20” inch barrel.

The compact size and easy handling of the BA13 TD can handle any situation or angle from a stand or blind.

4. Visual Indicator and Safety Operation

The hammer system on the BA13 Take-Down just compliments this compact shooting system. I might be old-fashioned as I’m still very fond of hammer weapons. The exposed hammer also provides the visual status of the firearm, a feature which I like a lot.

For beginners, it takes a little bit of getting use to when cocking and de-cocking the hammer, but the visual indicator of the hammer position is a powerful safety feature.

NOTE: Working the hammer system needs to be rehearsed safely prior to any live-fire shooting for new shooters. This will allow them to get them to understand how much pressure they need to hold the hammer when squeezing the trigger to de-cock the rifle.

Open-sight or with a scope, hunting with any single-shot rifle is challenging.

5: Modern Touch with a Classic Feature

The BA13 Take-Down is modern compact shooting system that is durable, reliable and deadly accurate with a touch of class. This hammer featured single-shot rifle is just pure joy and simple to shoot. It offers everything a hunter needs as a compact trail, blind or stand rifle.


When I’m in a hurry to get out into the forest, I just grab the BA13 and go! It comes in different configurations such as different stock options as well as barrel length. It also comes with an open-sight option for those who want a challenge to open-sight hunt.

If you love single-shot rifles, I highly recommend you check out the B13 Take-Down as your next rifle, it’s that simple!

2022 Bergara showcased its newest BA13 Take-Down, the Strata Camo version with a new caliber (6,5 Creedmoor) that most of you have been requesting. For more information on the BA13 Strata Take-Down se the following link:

BA13 Series


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