Will Terry

Pro Staff


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Will was born with an undeniable passion for adventure fueled by his time spent outdoors while growing up. His passion for hunting, fishing, outdoor pursuits, and the conservation around those activities comes from previous generations of parents and grandparents who exposed him to the beauty of the wild places at a young age and built memories to last a lifetime.

From age 4, Will has fond memories of stumbling along behind his dad, grandfather and yellow lab, Gunfire, packing pheasants and quail in the Central Midlands of Tasmania, Australia.

During his teenage years, Will spent every weekend he could outdoors. Whether it was long days fly fishing remote mountain streams for tailing brown trout, freezing his butt off calling in wary mallards on dusk, or chasing grunting fallow bucks for weeks on end, growing up in Tasmania instilled a deep-seated appreciation for wild places.

Will vividly remembers waiting patiently at the picture window of his home in Tasmania as his dad would return from his annual deer hunting adventures throughout the early 1990’s and 2000’s. His eyes would glow, and he would watch with intent and curiosity as the animal was butchered and prepared ready for the table.

While studying at University, Will was often presented with long holidays at the end of each semester. During this time, he was quick to discover a passion for backpack hunting and would commonly spend weeks on end stalking Sambar deer in the remote Alpine Snow Gums of the Victorian High Country.

Prior to Covid, Will would also venture overseas on an annual hunting trip to New Zealand. These adventures often consisted of a week hunting red stags in the open tussock followed by traversing the rugged Southern Alps of New Zealand in search of Tahr and Chamois which roam amongst the perilous mountain glaciers.

Will has always been drawn to the adventure and wild places that hunting has given him along with the many lifelong friendships that he has formed.

As you can see in his media and writing, Will is passionate about the chase, regardless of the success of the hunt or size of the trophy.

You can follow Will on his social media account.