Simon Åsheim

Pro Staff


Simon Asheim bio pic 1

Simon grew up in a small village called Megården in North Norway. The village lies right next to the amazing national park, Rago.

Simon began hunting and fishing early on in life. He was only 7 years old when his dad brought him along on his very first grouse hunt. A hunt he always looks back at that led to his hunting career. His dad mainly hunted for grouse, but a neighbor in the village who hunted and trapped different wildlife taught Simon how to trap and hunt with rifle.

On his 14th birthday he passed the hunting exam. His first years as a hunter were focused on grouse and fox hunting. As time passed, he moved south to study. In the south there were more species and new styles of hunting. Simon also joined the army for 8 years and has brought a lot of knowledge from his time serving in the military. Hunting evolved from mainly grouse hunting to big-game and small-game hunting in Norway. With good friends from all over the country, he has truly gained hunting experienced for all kinds of games Norway has to offer. Simon appreciates hunting a hard hunt in order to be successful. His best hunting memory is when he finally shot his first reindeer after days of hard hunting.

For Simon, hunting is about the build-up before a hunt. The preparation and anticipation for the hunt and all about the experiences one gets during the hunts that matters the most to him. And one of the perks of hunting is the way you access nature in a different aspect. He gets to harvest directly from it and share it with family and friends over dinner.

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