Pedro Ampuero

Pro Staff


Pedro Ampuero, 34 years old and born in Bilbao, Spain, began hunting with his dad at the age of five. Like most, he started hunting with a rifle and then switched to slug hunting with a shotgun. He has a extensive hunting experience around the world in countries such as Namibia, Mongolia, United States or Kazakhstan.

A lover of all types of hunting, he enjoys hunting with rifle, shotgun and bow. He has been able to live unique experiences in all modalities and animals, from goats or rams in remote Asian mountains to roe deer and wild boars in Spain.

For the last few years he has been working full time in the industry for the American company KUIU. He produces hunting documentaries all over the world together with his wife, with whom he forms a team.  In this way, they spend more than 200 days a year in the field, living unique experiences.

They also write reports for international magazines and have their own TV series. But currently they are focused on sharing their experiences on their Youtube channel.

They have been recognized internationally on several occasions, has received in Spain the Premio personalidad venatoria, has the Capra 20 of the Grand Slam Club Ovis and is the youngest person to enter the Culminum Magister.

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