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Bergara Rifles is proud to introduce a feature rich semi-automatic .22 LR, the Bergara BXR. This new rifle has custom quality Bergara performance without the custom price tag.

This BXR .22LR has everything a serious rimfire shooter would want, yet has features attractive to younger shooters and smaller frame shooters with its removable/replaceable spacers to adjust stock length. Nate Treadaway, CEO of BPI Outdoors, which is the parent company of Bergara says, “We have had our eye on the rimfire space for several years now. Not only is it a very close alignment to our core customer base but we are already familiar with how to make an extremely accurate barrel. The BXR just happens to be the first of several models to come from Bergara and will fill a void between the featureless mass-produced models and overly priced boutique offerings.”

The BXR 22 LR series comes in two configurations. The steel model (part number BXR001) sports a 4140 CrMo fluted steel barrel with a matte blued finish, with a stock that is green with black fleck and weighs 5.2 lbs. The upgraded BXR is a carbon fiber model (part number BXR002) that is topped with a carbon fiber barrel, a black stock with grey fleck that weighs a mere 4.7 lbs.

Each version of the BXR has the following features: overall length of 34.5″, total length of pull adjustment just over 1″, with a barrel length of 16.5″, pre-threaded muzzle with thread protector, a 10 round rotary style magazine (10/22 compatible), and a 30 MOA picatinny rail integral with the receiver.


  • 34.5″ Overall length (includes three 3/8″ removable spacers to adjust length of pull)
  • 16.5″ Barrel, muzzle threaded 1/2×28. Includes thread protector.
  • 4.7 lbs total weight with carbon fiber barrel and 5.2 lbs with fluted steel barrel.
  • Includes a 10 shot rotary magazine (10/22 magazine compatible)
  • Includes integral 30 MOA Picatinny rail.
  • Trigger pull is approximately 3.5 lbs.
  • Integrated QD flush cup sling mounts and swivel mounts

BXR Steel – Part Number BXR001 BXR 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle Blued Barrel MSRP – $619

BXR Carbon – BXR002 BXR 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle Carbon Fiber Barrel MSRP – $719


The BXR rimfire rifle is manufactured with a Bentz chamber.   The Bentz chamber was specifically created for use in semi-automatic rimfire that desire match level accuracy.  Because it is a tighter chamber than the standard sporting chamber found on many entry level semi-auto rimfire rifles, it is designed to run optimally with standard velocity or match grade ammo.   Shooting high velocity, stingers or inexpensive bulk ammo may result in inconsistent feeding.


BXR .22 Blued Barrel Green Stock Bottom Metal


Comes with a 10 shot rotary magazine.


Includes integral 30 MOA picatinny rail and comes standard with a 3.5 pound trigger pull.

BXR002 BXR Steel Action Right A2
BXR ..22 Carbon Fiber Barrel Black Stock Whole Gun 2


Also available with a carbon fiber barrel that weighs a mere 4.75lbs.


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Bergara Law Enforcement Catalog 2022


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