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Chance Deason



Stillwater, OK



Chance grew up in west central Oklahoma hunting, fishing, and playing baseball. He played baseball for 19 years and thru college at Oklahoma State University. Once he graduated college and was done playing baseball he was looking for something to scratch his competitive itch and precision rifle matches did just that.


What led you to competitive shooting?

I saw videos online and it looked fun so I showed up to a match to watch. After watching my first match I was hooked and knew I had to compete in the next one.


What are your favorite calibers to compete with?

22LR and 6×47 Lapua


What is your go to Bergara model for matches?

B14r barreled action in a MDT ACC chassis


What is the number one piece of advice you would share with a new shooter?

Don’t get caught up in the equipment everyone is using. Show up to a match with what you have and have a great time.


What two pieces of gear, other than your rifle, are most important at matches?

Wiebad Mini Fortune Cookie and Strelok Pro


What is your favorite part about representing Bergara?

The rifles and accuracy speak for themselves and they are fantastic. Their willingness to listen to the competitive shooters and understand our requirements are different than hunters.


Any other sponsors?

A and J Sporting, Athlon Optics, Wiebad, SK, Lapua, VihtaVuori Powder, and Berger Bullets