Joe Fluerty

Pro Staff

New Zealand

Joe Fluerty New Zealand 2

Brought up as a rural New Zealand (Kiwi) kid, Joe thrived off hunting and fishing adventures throughout his early years, which is what cemented his passion that he has for the outdoors today.

Hunting, whether it be recreationally or professionally, has been in the Fluerty family going back several generations which has been an amazing asset to learn about the sport and all things around it in his home country of New Zealand.

Starting off shooting small game as a young boy and moving on to larger animals such as deer at 9 years old, both with rifle and bow. Building a lot of fundamental truths about hunting through the years and experiences is what makes him appreciative of the wildlife and flora.

At the age of 16, he was working within his family’s guided hunting business guiding clients out to hunt all big game in NZ. Alongside of that, he started working with Joe from J E Wilds an “Elite” pro team member in our pro team program to start producing hunting and fishing content combining into an effective team for our brand.

With the boarders closing over covid related concerns around the world and guiding pretty much slowed down or at a standstill, he had teamed up with J.E Wilds and focusing on filming a YouTube adventure series, hunting and fishing throughout the New Zealand wilderness at a higher tempo.

We welcome Joe Fluerty’s passion and energy to our pro team program and look forward to seeing his work.

You can follow Joe on his social media account.